5 Toxic Ingredients Hidden in Household Cleaners

We know we are not the only ones who absolutely love the moment just after deep cleaning the house. That euphoric feeling and fresh aroma, knowing that everything is tidy and in place. But what if we told you that although the commercial cleaners you use “work” at ridding your home of harmful germs, they are also a potential catalyst for severe health problems down the road? Everyday household cleaners frequently contain toxic ingredients, some banned in a variety of countries. To understand just how bad they can be for you, here are just 5 of them.


If your household cleaning products contain the ingredient “fragrance,” then there is a pretty good chance it contains phthalates. This is often found in things such as air fresheners, dish soaps, and can even be in toilet paper. This toxic ingredient has been linked to endocrine (hormone) disruption and can get into your body through inhalation or skin absorption. Keep in mind that because proprietary laws give companies the freedom to not disclose what is in their scents, this might not be on the label. But if it is scented, chances are it is in there.


This chemical is commonly found in kitchen, window, and multi-purpose cleaners. It belongs to the glycol ethers family and is widely used as a solvent in cleaners. This basically means that it loosens up the dirt and grime from surfaces to make it easier to wipe off. Though great for that purpose, it can have drastic health effects, such as causing sore throats when inhaled, developing pulmonary edema, and causing severe liver and kidney damage. If you want to eliminate the probability of having this harmful ingredient in your system, organic solutions are the ideal solution.


You are likely to find this toxic additive in glass cleaners and a diverse range of polishing agents for bathroom fixtures and jewelry. This ingredient is used because it has strong cleaning properties. For instance, it is excellent at breaking down grime from vegetable oils, cooking grease, and remediating wine stains. In addition, since ammonia evaporates rapidly, it actively helps with leaving no streaks behind on glass surfaces.

The harsh truth is that ammonia is a powerful irritant, and people who already have breathing issues (such as asthma) are at high risk of developing lung issues and breathing problems. Even those who are perfectly healthy can obtain asthma and chronic bronchitis after long-term exposure to ammonia. As for the environment, even the smallest concentrations harm aquatic life, making this something to really consider removing from your home.


I'm sure you have heard of this chemical once or twice. It is famous for its ability to kill off harmful bacteria. People use it in their pools, and cleaning companies often apply it into laundry whiteners, mildew removers, and toilet bowl cleaners. Exposure to this toxic ingredient ranges from inhalation to topical. For instance, when you take a shower, you are likely being exposed to it because chlorine is often in the water system to keep it clean. Some of the health concerns include chronic respiratory issues and a catalyst for thyroid problems.

This good thing is that you can do something about this to rid it from your house. You can firstly never purchase commercial products that contain it. And if you want to go the extra mile you can invest in reverse osmosis water filtration for your plumbing to filter out that nasty stuff before it ever reaches your skin.


Do you have any oven cleaners or drain openers in your cleaning inventory? Check to see if it contains sodium hydroxide. This particular ingredient, otherwise known as lye, is immensely corrosive. If it even touches your skin or gets into your eyes on accident, you are going to get burned. It could also lead to permanent blindness if you’re not careful. If you are cleaning with this in a non-ventilated area, you are subjecting yourself to toxic inhalation, which can cause a severe sore throat for days on end. Buyers beware.

In conclusion...

When you have time, take a look at your current household cleaners and see if they contain any of the toxic ingredients listed above. If they do, or list other harmful things off, then it is time that you switch to much more gentle and healthy alternatives, such as the organic, plant-based and eco-friendly disinfectant cleaner right here at June’s. Not only is this product able to get the job done, it was also created with you and your family’s health as a top priority. So, with this in mind, never sacrifice your health for a clean home again.

Eucalyptus + Lemon Disinfectant Cleaner
Eucalyptus + Lemon Disinfectant Cleaner
Eucalyptus + Lemon Disinfectant Cleaner

Eucalyptus + Lemon Disinfectant Cleaner


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